Testimonials of Munchkin kitten for adoption

munchkin kitten
I want to thank everyone who was involved in getting me a munchkin kitten from a foster home. Great recommendation with perfect customer service. They happily answered all my questions and the whole process was smooth and easy. . It's fun and enjoyable since I've had Dre. This past year has been so sad, but Dre has brightened my life. Thanks everyone.
Marilyn Keller
My son Spike arrived in good health. Pet Chalan was extremely careful and knew exactly what he was doing. Although I had some delays, they were on call the entire time. My son was not nervous or anxious about the Munchkin cat we brought in good health. It was for my sons birthday and we look forward to breeding in the near future. I give them 7/8. The cat looks healthy and well fed. Loves to play and enjoys sleeping in my lap whenever I come home from work.
Hello, I just wanted to let you know how "Fiona" is, she is adjusting to her new environment very well. My wife and I did proper research for over 8 months to get this breed and made sure we didn't fall into the wrong hands. Everything was done via email and calls. My brother traveled to ND to confirm the validity of this cattery before proceeding with our payment. Everything went as expected and we got our beautiful little Ezel.
Carol Hughes
After finding their website on other platforms Munchkin kitten for adoption we give dinner home a surprising visit. Fresh smell in a very clean environment. The sad news is that we couldn't get a kitten home because we couldn't find a black male munchkin kitten.
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