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We are a small TICA registered cattery located in the beautiful Fargo, ND. We are specializing in Maine coon and Maine cat breeding. Our kittens are raised in a cage free, friendly and very social environment. Before we started this great journey. We were once just like you looking for a good Main coon breeder to get that special dream kitten. There were times we were hard times frustrated because it was difficult to find a legitimate, reliable and reputable breeder. Even when we found one, there were constant doubts about getting scam. Or getting sick kittens base on what’s happening now. We understand your every concerns and worries. We are here to help you, support you and we are here to ensure the kitten you are getting is in good health, best temperament, and has great social human interaction.

munchkin cat for sale

Do munchkin kittens or Cats have any health treats?

Yes, Scottish fold kitten for adoption have serious health issues as compared to other breeds of cats out Here. They are genetically mutated that’s why they have short legs in other words called “dwarf cats or short leg cats”. The common health issues are as a result of their mutation. And they have bone deformities and others with a hollowed chest. Also, there is another disease that is common to these breeds that is the Lordosis which means excessive curvature of the spine which affects these breeds. Aside from that these kittens or cats are healthy and active like other cats, they are unable to jump to high places but still manage to jump to where they can reach. It is advisable to put their toys, water, toys, food close where they can reach anytime they want.


You don’t have time to come here and pick up your kitten or meet us at the airport? Then take advantage of our VIP nanny delivery service! Our nanny will hand-deliver your new baby to the any international airport of your choice, you simply arrive with a photo ID to pick your kitten, it’s that simple and convenient! Your new furry family member will have their munchkin kitten for sale every need attended to during their flight, even play and cuddle time. Munchkin cat for sale. You will even receive pictures to ease your mind on the day of your kitten’s flight!;) Munchkin We have been bringing furry family members to families for over 32 years, yet in the past have only offered ground munchkin breeder travel and basic shipping. Due to the pandemic, all airlines have discontinued pet cargo shipping. Scottish fold cat for sale This new, all-exclusive VIP (Very Important Pet) service is a program we are pleased to Scottish fold offer as a luxury service for those who prefer kitty to travel with a personal assistant Scottish fold breeder. And aren’t able to make the flight themselves. Scottish fold munchkin. The transition period from our home to yours is much shorter because of the reduced amount of stress during munchkin cat transit with this all-exclusive nanny catering service. Munchkin cat for sale. If this soothing style of pet transportation sounds like the best option for you please click that choice on your kitten application. Munchkin breeder. *FYI – The VIP nanny delivery service is not a home delivery service. The best You must meet the nanny at the airport* See some photos below of happy clients who took advantage of this new service.


About Munchkin Breed Wow! WHAT a cutie! The Munchkin is a cat breed that stays small. It is still a new and controversial breed – in fact, it was not recognized as a distinct breed till 1994. It originated in Louisiana, U.S.A., which resulted from a spontaneous genetic mutation. In the feline fraternity feel that it’s cruel to breed a “flaw” – the cats don’t have a problem with it! Because their legs are so short, and they are not great high jumpers although they get there in baby steps! They can hunt and get the girls just as as their taller pals and don’t seem to suffer way from being a little on the short side. They have been even called the Dachshunds of the cat and kitten world world! How friendly are munchkin cats or kittens towards kids? Safe or No Looking for a cat or kitten that will be friendly to your kids and other pets is the number one priority to every family. Getting a kitten or cat that is well socialized with kids, friendly with other pets, a kitten that has a calm temperament is very important. Munchkin kittens or cats naturally are easy-going cats, they are easy to train (easy to lean new tricks) and studies have shown they are very friendly towards kids, and other animals. Matter of fact they love being curdled. They also have the habit of standing on their hind legs mimicking the rabbit to get a better sight or when they are excited.

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