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Family environment

For this reason, the Munchkin breeder should not live in a home where he is alone all day. The ideal for him is to live with older people who have a lot of time to dedicate to their animal.

Also families with children, other Munchkin breeder or pets fit in with the nature of this breed. Of course, the condition is that the children treat it in a considerate and responsible manner.

Scottish fold cat for sale

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Contact us for munchkin cat. According to the opinion of The International Cat Association (TICA), and contrary to what critics think, the short legs of the munchkin or Scottish fold munchkin do not limit their movement or lead to back problems. As this is a relatively new breed, nothing can be said for certain about any typical diseases yet. It is not uncommon for specimens of this original breed to be diagnosed with lordosis. This designates a convex forward curvature of the spine. Animals affected by this disease usually die young. It is not yet clear if the disease is related to short legs. Unlike the dachshund, also famous for its short legs, the munchkin is not predisposed to spinal ailments.

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